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Department of Microsurgery

Experienced specialists in hand surgery operate in our department. If there is a need to restore the function of the hand after an injury or a serious illness, we will select the optimal technique with maximum chances of a positive result. Every day, working with patients with similar problems, we return to people the ability to fully use the wrist apparatus, to get rid of pain and psychological discomfort.

We treat:

  • damage to the flexor and extensor tendons of the fingers and hand
  • damage to the nerves of the upper extremities: median, ulnar, radiation
  • surgical treatment of fractures of the hand and fingers and their consequences
  • frankincense fibromatosis (Dupuytren's contracture)
  • cartel channel stenosis (tunnel syndrome)


  • Surgical treatment of brush tendon injuries:
  • one-stage and two-stage plastic surgery of the flexor tendons of the fingers
  • tenolysis of the flexor tendons of the fingers (release from scar tissue)
  • replacement of defects of the flexor and extensor tendons by the method of displacement less significant for the function of the tendon brush full-layer flaps

Microchirurgic sutures of damaged nerves:

  • neurolysis
  • replacement of nerve defects by autoplasty
  • correction of neurogenic deformities of the hand after chronic injuries of nerves by tendon-muscle transposition
  • Skin transplantation to eliminate defects in the soft tissues of the hand and fingers:
  • closing defects of the hand and fingers with various types of flaps using microsurgical techniques (tissue complexes of the forearm on the vascular pedicle, islet flaps of the hand and fingers, non-free skin flaps on the feeding leg from nearby and distant parts of the body, free skin plastic);
  • elimination of cicatricial defects and post-burn deformities, combined contractures of the hand and fingers by moving islet neurovascular flaps and plastics with local tissues.

Reconstruction of amputation defects of fingers:

  • thumb policization
  • metacarpal phalangisation
  • finger stump lengthening in distraction apparatus
  • the possibility of prosthetics of the hand and fingers

Reconstructions for defects and deformations of the joints of the fingers and bones of the wrist:

  • arthroplasty of the joints of the fingers in the distraction apparatus of various designs
  • joint arthrodesis

Diseases of the hand and fingers with the following diseases:

  • palmar fibromatosis (Dupuytren's contracture)
  • Glomus tumor (Bare-Masson syndrome)
  • organ-preserving operations in bone and soft tissue tumors of the hand (osteochondroma, lipomas, hemangiomas, mesenchiomas, etc.)
  • stenosing ligamentitis (snapping finger)
  • stenosis of carpal tunnel
  • ganglia of various localization (hygroma)
  • dislocation of extensor tendons ("boxer knuckle")
  • scar correction