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Insurance organizations of Irkutsk region.

Name Address Director Phone Site
Branch of the Joint Stock Company VTB Medical Insurance in the Irkutsk Region 664009 Irkutsk, travel Kagolny, 68 Prihodko Oleg Adamovich 8 (3952) 70-56-78
8 (3952) 70-56-44
Irkutsk branch of the Joint Stock Company "Insurance Company" SOGAZ-Med " 664011 Irkutsk ul. Sverdlov, 41 Sosova Kristina Vilorjevna 8 (3952) 21-72-79
8 (3952) 34-39-97
Joint Stock Company "Medical Joint-Stock Insurance Company of the Irkutsk Region" 664011 Irkutsk ul. K. Marx, 30 Zhuravlev Igor Sergeevich 8 (3952) 34-01-36
8 (3952) 34-01-21
Irkutsk Branch of Insurance Company "ROSNO-MS" 664009 Irkutsk, travel Kagolny, 68 Prihodko Oleg Adamovich 8 (3952) 70-56-78
8 (3952) 70-56-44
The branch of the Limited Liability Company "Insurance Company" Ingosstrakh-M "; in the city of Irkutsk 664007 Irkutsk, Krasnokazachya St., 21 Vyaznikov Vadim Evgenievich 8 (3952) 53-49-43
8 (3952) 53-49-44

Federal Law on Mandatory Health Insurance in the Russian Federation & raquo;

On January 1, 2011, the Federal Law "On Compulsory Health Insurance in the Russian Federation" came into force & raquo ;. The main provisions of the Federal Law "On Mandatory Health Insurance in the Russian Federation" are:

  • The choice of an insurance medical organization by a citizen, and not by the employer or by the authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
  • The choice of the medical organization and the doctor in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • A single type policy that does not require replacement when changing the insurance medical organization and place of residence and specification of requirements for interterritorial payments for medical care provided, which ensures that the insured receive medical care not only in the subject of the Russian Federation where the policy is obtained, but also in the whole territory Russia.
  • In order to ensure an informed choice by the insured person of a medical organization and an insurance medical organization, it is legislatively established the obligation to promulgate lists of these organizations participating in the compulsory health insurance system, information on their activities, services provided and performance results.

Patient Information (Laws, State Guarantee Programs, Rights and Obligations)

Conditions of medical care

Clinical examination

Due to the fact that the IOKB SBES has no attached population, clinical examination is not carried out