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Irkutsk regional clinical hospital, winner of the “Mark of the Honor” award

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Irkutsk regional clinical hospital, a winner of the “Mark of the Honor” award, is a state-financed health care institution. It is a multifunctional center for health care provision to the region’s population. It is also a center which provides organizational and methodological services to other regional health care establishments.

The hospital hosts 15 surgical and 8 therapeutic units. The hospital’s perinatal center accounts for obstetric and gynecologic care. Our hospital annually admits for indoor treatment over 35,000 patients, more than 150,000 patients obtain information and consulting services. The clinic is fitted with up-to-date medical equipment. Its specialists perform complex reparative and conservative surgeries on liver, pancreas, thoracic organs and heart. Currently the hospital employs 2691 professionals, among them 624 specialists and 1140 nurses. The personnel is highly professional and well-prepared. 70% of the specialists and 68% of the nurses are certified for qualification grade. The clinic units are headed by full professors and associate professors of Irkutsk state medical university departments and Irkutsk state medical refresher institute.



Organization’s data file

Name of organization State-financed health care institution, a winner of the “Mark of the Honor” award, Irkutsk regional clinical hospital
Abbreviated organization name Irkutsk regional clinical hospital
Registered address 664049, Irkutsk city, Yubileyny district, 100
Location address 664049, Irkutsk city, Yubileyny district, 100
Chief physician +7(3952) 46-53-30
Accounting +7(3952) 46-11-30
Fax +7(3952) 46-53-42
Administrative officer (Chief physician) Petr E. Dudin
Accountant general Elena V. Okhotina
Founder Ministry of Health of Irkutsk region
Organizational document Statute
Tax Payer Id. Number 3812014690
Industrial Enterprise Classification Code 381201001
Ministry of Finance of Irkutsk region (State-financed health care institution, a winner of the “Mark of the Honor” award, Irkutsk regional clinical hospital
Settlement account 40601810500003000000
BIC 42520001
Bank GRKC Banka Rossii po Irkutskoy oblasti, g. Irkutsk
Current account budget, PD, fungible 80302030002
Current account Obligatory medical insurance 80302090002

Codes of Irkutsk regional clinical hospital according to Russian business and organization classification

Reporting organizations OKPO 1925384
Type of activity OKVED 86.10
Territories ОКТМО 25701000001
Ministries of governing bodies ОКОGU 2300229
Legal organizational form ОКОPF 75203
Form of ownership ОКFS 13
ОКОNH 91511
ОGRN 1023801756670



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